Debunking Carpet Cleaning Myths


It’s a fact that there is a lot of untrue information about carpet cleaning out there that people receive and others believe without even finding out if it’s true or not.

What’s worrying is that these lies influence decisions and one might end up doing what they would not have done if they knew the truth. Consult a local carpet cleaning service or this blog for correct information instead of online sources. Here are five more carpet cleaning myths, you should keep off:

#1: A Cleaned Carpet Attracts Dirt Faster

You should never worry about your carpet attracting dirt after cleaning it. So if you had such a belief, it’s time you got the truth. All you must ensure is that your carpet is cleaned professionally, using the right equipment and cleaning agents. With that, your carpet won’t get soiled faster after the cleaning. Still unsure? Click here.

#2: DIY vs Professionals

While it is good to have your cleaning machine, doing the cleaning yourself could even cause harm to your carpet. Aside from that, the chances are that you haven’t received any training on how to clean a carpet.

Therefore, only own a machine if you know how to use it to clean your carpet. Otherwise, you need the help of pros to keep your carpet clean and safe for use at your home or office.

#3: Using Deodorizers Keeps Your Carpet Fresh and Clean

It’s untrue. The fact is that scented powders that some people like using to clean their carpets can be harmful and will tend to create dust you don’t need at home. While vacuuming can help remove them, the truth is that it’s impossible to remove everything, and as a result, some of these powders will be left in the carpet.

#4: Steam Cleaning Ruins Carpets

The truth is that when done professionally, steam cleaning cleanses thoroughly and removes all unwanted dirt from the carpet. In fact, leading manufacturers of carpets in the world recommend this method of cleaning carpets.

However, when you prefer to use it, ensure that the cleaners you hire are experienced individuals who know the art of steam cleaning. Otherwise, untrained cleaners can cause unwanted problems.

#5: Buying a Cheap Carpet Saves Your Money

Untrue! You won’t save much. In fact, you will even spend more because cheap carpets do not last longer. You will thus be forced to buy new carpets often because cheap ones get damaged easily. So to save money, invest in a long-lasting carpet.

Though they are a little bit expensive, they usually last longer and spare you the cost of constantly buying carpets. If you also leave with pets and have kids as well, be careful to get the right carpet that will withstand the traffic and last longer.

All these are misleading, and many people still believe them even when some of them seem to be too obvious to be untrue. As a carpet owner, you need to get the right information. When in doubt, seek help from carpet cleaning professionals and manufacturers. Having the right information is very vital.

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