How to Repair a Shower Valve

shower faucet

Last post we provided broad ideas on how to repair a bathroom but today’s post specifically focuses on the shower valve.

Shower valves help in controlling the temperature and flow of water and if the valves have a problem then it leads to leaky showers.

We understand that it is annoying, wasteful and also increases your water bills. Shower valves which leak inside the wall are more concerning as they can cause rot, mould and structural problems.

The common reasons for the valve to leak or slow down the pressure of water are wearing down of inner seals and parts or clogging due to hard water deposits.

The rubber seals which control all this get worn down due to time and use causing the water to drip out!

If your shower faucet is dripping then you don’t need to replace it, it can be repaired single handed with the help of basic tools in less than an hour!

This post is to guide how can you repair valve of your shower and say bye-bye to the old and worn parts of the faucet!

Turn off water to the shower: You need to turn down the supply of water to the shower as you can repair the valve when water is still dripping. If you are unable to find the valve which supplies water to the shower then it is fine to turn off the water supply for the entire house for some time!

Reach till the valve: Valve cartridges uses O shaped rubber rings to control the flow of water, hence the next step is to reach to the valve.

You need to locate for the screw which might be situated under the handle or the cap which you can loosen using screw drivers and pliers to reach the valve.

You might have faucet with single handle, two handles or even three handles. But the basic rule remains the same and you need to pull out the handle to reach the valve.

Replacement of cartridge: The faucets with single handle have cartridge and O-shaped ring which is slipped over the cartridge. Once you remove the retainer clip placed at the top of cartridge housing, you would see this cartridge.

You just have to replace this cartridge with the new one (make sure you buy the one which is specific to the mode of your faucet) and then replace the retainer clip and re-assemble your faucet.

The faucets which are have two or three handles also have washer which also needs to be replaced along with the O-ring.

You first need to replace the washer and then swap the O-ring with the new one.

Make sure both the washer and O-ring are coated with petroleum jelly before application.

Re-assemble everything: After replacing the cartridge and tightening the locknut again with pliers, it’s time to re-assemble everything with the screws provided. A

ttach back the handle to the valve and tighten it up. Release the water supply and turn on all the taps so as to force out the air that may have rested inside because of stoppage of water supply.

Bingo! You did it!

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