Repair a Bathroom to Rent

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This is the first in a line of posts on rooms to repair in order to entice tenants to rent a living space at your rental property.

This post will focus on one of the most important rooms in a home, the bathroom.

Popular opinion is that the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important rooms for selling a home and the same is true for renting a home.

You don’t have to go overboard in your repairs and remodel, unless the current condition of the bathroom is very poor. Just a few minor updates and upgrades will be enough to offer an appealing bathroom to potential tenants.

5 Steps to Repair a Bathroom to Rent

1) Toilet

The bare minimum repair for the toilet is to replace the toilet seat. You can purchase a new toilet seat at the hardware store for only a few dollars and assemble and attach it in just a few minutes. This minor upgrade can really change the look of an old toilet.

If the toilet has rust or foundation damage or is not working correctly, I recommend replacing the entire toilet. A new toilet is relatively inexpensive. If you can install it yourself, it will be even cheaper but it might be smart to hire a plumber if you have no previous plumbing experience.

You can find several tutorials and videos on how to install a toilet online or watch the video below:

2) Shower & Bathtub

A new shower and/or bathtub is a significant financial investment. Avoid this upgrade if possible and instead deep clean the tile grout and the basin.

You can replace faucets and showerheads too for a minor update that provides a little shine. A new faucet and showerhead shouldn’t cost more than $50 combined and both can be installed easily without the assistance of a professional.

Learn how to install showerheads and faucets.

3) Sink & Vanity

I recommend updating the vanity as it is a minor cost and will modernize the bathroom and appeal to younger renters.

If you can afford a dual sink vanity and there is space in the bathroom, this type of vanity is a very popular choice in 2017.

Similar to the shower, replace the faucet on the bathroom sink. The repair is a similar process.

4) Lighting

Install modern lighting in the bathroom and upgrade the lightbulbs to LED for superior lighting. LED bulbs are energy-efficient too which will reduce utility costs for you and the tenant.

If you have no previous experience with electrical installations and repairs, hire an electrician to install the new lighting fixtures. The potential injuries from electrocution are too dangerous to risk.

5) Ventilation

There needs to be ventilation in the bathroom either in the form of a fan or a window. Installing ventilation or a window are significant costs. Hopefully both are in place already but if not you will need to consult a contractor or HVAC service in order to ensure the bathroom is up to code.

If you complete these repairs your bathroom will be ready to show to tenants and you will increase the chance of finding a new renter quickly!

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